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Paul Miell founded Ahavah Studio in 2016, after 25 years in the corporate world expressing his creativity through web development. After a life changing encounter with Jesus he progressed to his childhood dream of developing computer games. The development studio is named using the Hebrew word Ahavah which describes the love of God. "Indie games of light" - the slogan of the studio signifies Paul's passion to see the gaming and mobile applications industry focus on providing healthy positive experiences for users and to support humanitarian causes.
deStress Android Mobile App
deStress Mobile App

deStress - ad-free Android app to lower stress, anxiety and hypertension.
deStress PRO - Paid version with additional content.

The deStress aims to lower stress, anxiety and hypertension by using creativity, relaxing games and various anti-stress and health related tools. Select from various photo backgrounds like a relaxing green forest or a cute dog, be creative and mix together calming or repetitive sound effect loops like running water, sea waves and jungle sounds. Add your own background music by mixing together instrument loops or play various soothing tunes. Fall asleep to your creations using the sleep timer and a colour mood lamp. Record your daily moods and discover mood trends. Touch and play with various distractions to focus the mind off stressful issues, you are also showered with positive affirmations to train you in positive thinking.

The PRO version provides additional content over that of the Free deStress version, offered also with no frustrating advertisements or hidden agendas. The games and distractions are child friendly, which they will also enjoy.

►Earphones recommended for an improved sound experience and relaxation.
►Various categories of soothing tunes to fall asleep to.
►Mood Monitor - keep track of how sleep, healthy eating and exercise effect you.
►Backgrounds: Selection beautiful relaxing backgrounds.
►Sound Effects: Mix together various sounds using 8 effects channels.
►Music: Mix various musical instruments using 8 music channels.
►Distractions: Number of mini games and toys to focus the mind.
► Stress & Health: Information about stress and how to manage it.
► BMI calculator to monitor and maintain a healthy weight.
► Various breathing exercises with speed and pause control.
►Sleep Timer: Allows you to fall asleep to your mixed sound effects and music.
►Mood Lamp to set a relaxing mood for when you go to sleep, with a pulsate feature.


deStress via Google Play

deStress PRO

deStress PRO via Google Play
deStress Android Mobile App
Toddler Memory Match Animals Mobile App

Toddler Memory Match Animals - Android app to lower stress, anxiety and hypertension.

A classic all-time kids educational favourite, match pairs of animal pictures to improve children's visual memory, observational skills and learn animals. The app is simplistic so even the very young can play on their own, NO bothersome ads, in-app purchases or social media buttons that get in the way of the fun. Gradual levelling from a simple 2x2 grid all the way up to where parents can play along and enjoy as a family.

Parents can be rest assured that all of Ahavah Studio's applications are always designed to be ethical, positive and clean.

• Cartoon like animals and real animals.
• Professional colourful design.
• Parents can hide harder levels and enable them as the child progresses.
• Stage win and timer high-score statistics for parents.
• Gradual levelling by playing from 2x2 to 18x18 grid games.
• Multiple background music tracks.
• Stage timer to record high-scores, this can be disabled in settings.
• Simple 1 level menu system without unnecessary distractions for toddlers.
• Full-screen setting to disable Android navigation bar.

Toddler Memory Match Animals

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The Prometheus Secret Screenshot


The Prometheus Secret Noohra is a PC game that will challenge your core as it mimics life and our daily battle against darkness. Shadow posseses no love and will punish you severely and unfairly with each defeat, to be a light bearer you will need great perseverance and a sharp mind. Level 1 will be one of the most difficult challenges you will face, the more you push through the punishment from darkness the more light will you start to regain and the more rewarding the game becomes. A unique and challenging single player 2.5D physics puzzle platformer combined with fast-paced card combat. This indie game is dedicated to all those battling their own darkness, struggling to defeat their demons and fighting the good fight one day at a time. Noorah, Aramaic for the light of God, along with darkness, plays a major role in the game - not only in the story, but also dictates the mood and design of the game.


As shadow, the master of deception masquerades as a light, humankind remains enslaved and wrestles against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. There is an ancient prophecy that some continue to believe in – and so, a glimpse of hope still remains.

"The people who walked in darkness Have seen a great light; Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, Upon them a light has shined."

Following the trail of this prophecy leads you to the Mayan temple of Herros, there on the altar of skulls called Golgotha you discover the fire orb. The orb is filled with fire and a powerful light known as Noohra, you must become the light bearer a hero commissioned to bring light and truth back into the world. Without a hero the souls of humanity move toward the coldness of certain death.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot


Darkness remains infinitely deceitful and stops at nothing on its quest to destroy all that is good. The fire orb must remain filled with Noohra in order for the player to remain righteous and make any progress. Throughout the game, the player is intimidated and manipulated by darkness and it is discouraging when it seems that darkness may yet again have an unfair advantage, as each defeat will have multiple consequences.

• Path of Deeper Truths - A 7 level indicator that highlights the condition of the player's soul. Level 7 the soul being righteous and full of light down to zero having no light and the soul being classed as immoral.
• Dark Traits - The darker the soul becomes the more chance the player will have of gaining a random dark trait, which will empower the bosses they challenge.
• Health Points - The player will lose health.
• Light - The fire orb will lose light, which makes it challenging for the player to identify vital symbols scattered around the world(s). These symbols are needed for a time lock at the end of each world.
• Experience Points - The player gains XP leak and will lose XP every 10 seconds equal to the amount of Noorah lost.
• Wealth - Lastly, a player will lose coins from their purse.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot


The physics platform side of the game delivers some unique elements by excluding classic jump and the control of movement over a character during gameplay. The player will instead have rely on placement, gravity and timing, coupled with a number of upgradable orb abilities to subsequently manoeuvre through the stages.

The platform stages support the card boss battles by enabling the player to achieve tokens, scrolls, health and cards, which are required in order for a player to remain competitive. There is replay functionality built into stages and can be applied by players after learning and upgrading orb abilities to achieve higher leader board scores.

Orb Abilities
• Noohra (Light that drives back shadow)
• Weight (Affects the way the orb will react to objects)
• Force Push (A push calculated by weight and momentum)
• Shockwave (Pulsates objects away from the orb)
• Shield (Timeously protects you from creatures and traps)
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
Your imagination, gravity, timing and skillful use of the various Fire Orb abilities will allow you to navigate through puzzle like physics stages.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
Below a stage within the Roman world, these stages contain a little more puzzle element than the Mayan stages.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
Stages are designed to be played many times over especially after each orb ability upgrade. This will allow the player to not only gain a coin reward for reaching a new high score but also allow the player to collect greater rewards by finding new paths to clear the stage.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot


Boss battles are played out through a fast paced magic card system with the focus on both speed and simplicity over other typical card games that can have drawn out turns and complicated management of card decks. The player starts out with a base deck and can then strengthen the deck by collecting a card during each of the platform stages or by unlocking cards using tokens. Once the player engages with darkness during a battle, there is no turning back – the player cannot disengage and leave the battle without first having to pay a penalty. Do not turn your back on the dark.

A set of counters are used for each attack lane to help inflate attack and defence figures – a defensive strategy from the opponent and spells will however decrease or nullify this. A player could cast down a firestorm or tornado to obliterate the enemy’s cards from the playing field and on the other hand, the enemy could play a full health card, which could secure him a solid victory.

Manna strategy is important. If a manna card is not dealt, the player can opt to sacrifice a battle card in the Pool of Bethesda to gain one manna. This position could force the player to strategize and direct a trade-off between either having sufficient manna or adequate battle cards to play.

Players can additionally earn spirit scrolls and strategically string up to 4 scrolls together to enhance their fighting abilities during battles. This works similarly to the dark traits for the enemy, where attack, defence, manna and health are increased by applying various classes of scrolls.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
Unique fast-paced battle like CCG system.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
The darkness sends his followers against you in battle. Each defeat has multiple consequences, the more you are defeated the more chance you have of gaining a dark trait that empowers bosses.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot




A token management system replaces the typical game inventory and allows the player to make decisions to gain as much game advantage as possible. Tokens can be collected throughout the game and be used to upgrade, trade, unlock and earn additional coins. By using these tokens, additional hero characters can be unlocked from different time periods, each scaling up to provide the player with an increase in base health.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
Hero profile management screen showing your played spirit scrolls slots and your dark traits.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
Wheels Of Fortune mini game with a chance to win coins to purchase those precious token enhancements.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
The Mines Of Kumar, dark gloomy mine shafts concealing many dangers but also providing great reward to those who have faith in the Noohra.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
The lack of light in the Mines Of Kumar forms the perfect ground from which the darkness and his minions can launch an attack.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
The Prometheus Secret: Noohra
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